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The Gaby.

Our sunglasses are destined to become Iconic.

They are made entirely Hand Made in France by Meyrowitz, a Parisienne eye glass manufacturer who has existed since 1920.

The inspiration behind this particular pair of sunglasses is in honor of Coco Chanel, because Meyrowitz has their proper boutique at the Ritz, and as everyone knows Coco made her home at the Ritz after the war.

Linda has been wearing hers for over a year, and they are truly her favorite GO TO sunglasses.

After careful deliberation Linda and Meyrowitz decided there was definitely a collaboration to be done. This has been a few months in the making, and we are happy to announce their arrival in our shop.

As a final touch, you will find a hand engraved signature by Linda V Wright and Meyrowitz.

The material is acetate.


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